Boss Up Gel Pads

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➤How to Use:
1. Non-woven will first prepared by the inner and outer canthus on palpebral margin brown line, covering the eyelashes.
2. Use eyelash comb on eyelash neatly combed.
3. To use tweezers clip eyelash haphazardly strewn on the soft tissue or transparent glass.
4. Pour a little special glue on the transparent glass.
5. Clips at the end of false eyelash with pointed tweezers, about two-thirds of it dipped in special glue.
6. Will dip in with glue connect from false eyelash eyelash lateral roots of 0.5~1 mm.
7. With tweezers and finishing adhesive good eyelash.
8. After the graft with prepared blot the glue dry.
9. Use eyelash comb neatly combed.
10. Take the lower eyelid plastic film, with a paper towel or dry cotton piece of wiping clean lower eyelid.

➤Can Be Used For:
Eyelash Extension Application, Facials, Eyelash Perming, Eyelash Tinting or just use it to reduce eye puffiness.

Item Specification:
Name: Under Eye Gel Pads.
Size: 7*3 cm.
Quantity: 20 Pairs. 

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